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Frequently asked questions

A third-party car insurance policy (often called TPL) will cover damages to all third parties meaning any person other than yourself (the insured). Such third-party accidents include damages to other cars on the road, injuries of other drivers or damages to parts of the road. A comprehensive policy, on the other hand, will cover damages to your car on top of any third-party damages, even if you cause the accident. Comprehensive policies can also offer additional benefits such as roadside assistance and replacement car benefits.

If you can't find your exact car model on our website, please email us at support@dxbinsure.com or contact our agents on the live chat. New models are released by manufacturers every week, and we might miss on one. Following your enquiry, we immediately update our car database and make sure that you receive quotes.

You should always buy your new insurance before the old one expires. If you have a gap in insurance, your new insurer will want to make sure that you didn't have an accident during this time. Still, if your car is in good conditions, you can buy insurance from DXBinsure even if your previous insurance has expired. Depending on the company that you choose, we will ask you to either send pictures of your car and a passing certificate (from a vehicle testing center) or ask you to take your car to the insurance company for inspection. This is a standard process, and our team will be glad to assist you. There are no additional charges for your policy in this case.

Some insurance companies allow the transfer of the policy from the previous owner. However, there are additional fees in any case, and you need to extend the policy period as well. This can be a time-consuming process since you need to coordinate with the previous owner. We recommend buying a new policy when purchasing a used car since you are more likely to get a good deal and you can complete the process online within 10 minutes.

Some insurance companies might not provide an online quote if you are driving a high performance or luxury car. However, at DXBinsure we can get you a variety of competitive quotes on top of the ones provided online. We need your documents in this case. Please send us your driving license and vehicle registration card to support@dxbinsure.com, and we will get back to you with more insurance options.

The Registration Date of your car can be found on the front of your vehicle registration card on a field labeled 'Reg. Date'. It is the date of the car's first registration with the UAE traffic authorities. We ask for this detail since most insurance companies use this date to calculate the age of your car and eventually the cost of your insurance policy.

A No-Claims Certificate is a document from your current or previous insurer proving that you did not have a claim during a specific period. With most companies, this document can be requested per email and be sent electronically. This certificate may help you get additional covers such as agency repairs and may often reduce the cost of your new policy since it proves that you are a good driver. You still can get this document if you had an accident but were not at fault.

Every insurance company has their own rules to calculate the premium and these rules change frequently. Most companies consider details such as your driving experience, your accident history, the make/model of your car and your car value. While we do not influence how the premium is calculated, we work with many insurance providers to assure that you will find the best deals in the market. We do not add any fees to the premium and provide our services free of charge to our customers.

Unfortunately, we cannot get a proof on your behalf. Your insurer will not share your data with us. The traffic department allows you to see previous accidents for a car but not for a driver. However, you can request a proof from your insurer since every company has to provide this document and a short email request will be sufficient. This proof can help you save money on your next renewal as well!

Certainly, while not all companies offer comprehensive quotes for old cars, we can get you insured if your vehicle is less than 10 years old.

Your car would have a GCC specification if it were built to be sold in a Gulf Arab country such as the UAE. On the other hand, Non-GCC cars are usually imported to the UAE as used cars. Most companies do not offer comprehensive quotes for non-GCC vehicles since many imported cars were involved in accidents in their original country. If you are not sure about the specification of your vehicle, contact our team at support@dxbinsure.com, and we will be glad to assist.

Certainly, after completing the import process for your car, you can buy your policy on DXBinsure. Once we issue your policy, we make sure you can register your vehicle in the UAE.

Any car insurance policy in the UAE is valid for 13 months while your vehicle registration is valid for 12 months only. The extra month of your policy is to cover the so-called grace period for renewing your registration. You can renew your registration within 30 days after expiry without risking to receive a fine. Nevertheless, your new policy needs to start before you can renew your registration.

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